What Began With Iron Has Expanded

What began with iron has expanded to include steel, aluminum, vinyl and nowâ stainless steel cable. Mitchell Iron Works turns raw materials into the custom fabrications you need. From design to installation, you benefit from experience as well as up-to-date knowledge of the materials that are best suited to your needs.

If there’s a new material that will provide greater strength or durability for your project, for example, you’ll be presented with all of your options, and a knowledgeable recommendation.

You’ll also benefit from Mitchell Iron Works’ hard-headed approach to the cost of materials. The company solicits as many as six estimates on steel framing, for example, before purchasing it. You’re always assured of getting a bid based on the best available materials price.

Capability That Begins Before The Bid

Capability that begins before the bid and ends with installation. The ability to interpret complex architectural designs and develop accurate engineering specifications enables Mitchell iron works to provide realistic cost estimates.

In the shop, skilled craftsman shear, saw, burn, punch, weld, bend, thread, mill, river, straighten, machine, drill and/or tap bars, plates, shapes, sheets, shafting or tubing into the exact form you need.

The quality of your finished work is guaranteed by the pride of craftmanship invested in each phase, from on-site measuring to installation.

The Right Equipment

The right equipment to get the job done right and on time. Mitchell welding & iron works has in-house equipment to fabricate your job efficiently and on time.

Some of our equipment includes:

  • 100-ton Edward’s hydraulic iron worke
  • 60-ton Chicago brake press
  • Two Scotchman cold saws, – one 14″ & one 11″
  • 11â welding machines for MiG, TIG and stick
  • Plasma torch with 3/4″ cutting capacity
  • 25-ton hydraulic shear
  • Mechanical punch machines