Floating Staircases

Mitchell Iron Works is an industry leader in the design, fabrication, and installation of floating stairs in New Jersey and the nearby areas. For over 20 years, we have set the standard for excellence when it comes to designing and installing custom floating staircases. Give your home a unique and creative look when you choose floating staircases offered by Mitchell Iron Works. We stand behind the quality of our workmanship and always aim to exceed your expectations.

An Elegant Look For Your Interior

With new, custom floating staircases for your interior, you can enjoy creating a centerpiece that makes your home stand out. These unique stairs create the illusion of being suspended in air for a dramatic and effective look to enhance your interior. Our experienced team of welders and fabricators know how to work with even the most unique properties to create custom floating staircases that look visually stunning.

Choose from one staircase, two staircases, indoor or outdoor stairs, I-Beam stairs, Mono Tube stairs, Double Stringer Tube stairs, or Spiral staircases, and more. We offer custom metal stair work that is expertly fabricated and installed to meet your needs. For exceptional quality workmanship, turn to our experienced team to provide the right solutions for your residential or commercial property.

Contact Mitchell Iron Works for more information about floating stairs and other custom metal stair work in New Jersey and the nearby areas by calling us at (609) 465-7510. Please browse our website to learn more about our company and services.

  • Interior Custom Metal Stairs
    Interior Custom Metal Stairs
  • Interior Custom Metal Stairs
    Double Stringer Floating Stair
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